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Our History

Chengdu Spaceon Electronics Co.,Ltd. was originally founded in January 2004, with registered capital of 160 million Yuan RMB. On September 3, 2018, we were listed at Shengzhen Stock Exchange. Stock name is Spaceon Electronics; stock code is 002935. As a high technology enterprise with multiple patents and core technology, Chengdu Spaceon has been engaged at R&D, design, production and sales of time frequency products and Beidou Satellite Application over 15 years. We are honored with national enterprise technology center, establishing our superior reputation in the time frequency industry.

As an outstanding time frequency enterprise in China, we are in the pride of complete time frequency products line, capability of time frequency system integration, fully committed to provide our customer with integral time frequency solutions.

Since its establishment in 2004, Chengdu Spaceon has been adhering to development concept, Industrial Contribution to Country with Advanced Technology, Propelling Industrial Development with Technology Innovation; our commitment is to forge an industry base under the guidance Components-Assemblies-Equipment-System cooperative development.

In 2004, Chengdu Spaceon Electronics Co.,Ltd. was founded;

In 2009, Chengdu Spaceon Electronics Co.,Ltd. started to develop and research of Optical-pumping Cesium Frequency Standard;

In 2015, the first engineering TA1000 Optical Pump Cesium Frequency Standard was put into application;

On September 3, 2018, Chengdu Spaceon Electronics Co.,Ltd. was listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

On November 7, 2018, TA1000 product launch was held in Zhuhai, marking world’s first optical pump cesium technology was successful in China.

Our Factory

Chengdu Spaceon Electronics Co.,Ltd. is situated in the west of Chengdu city Sichuan Province of southwest China, with more than 500 employees. Our company's new technology innovation center incorporates 7 doctors under the average 38.

Our Product

Chengdu Spaceon mainly manufactures rubidium atomic clock, crystal components, microwave assemblies, time frequency board and module, time synchronization systems , Beidou Satellite application products etc.


Product Application

Our time frequency products are widely applied in the field of space and aviation, satellite navigation,defense and civilian communication etc.We have made great contribution to China’s man-made space projects, moon probe project, Beidou Satellite navigation system.

Our Certificate

ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Certificate/Occupational Health Safety Management System ISO14004:2004/ Environmental Management System Certificate GB/T28001-2011/ National Recognized Enterprise Technology Center / Hi-Technology Enterprise Certification

Production Equipment

We have built up two clean rooms with 1000 level, one clean room with 10,000 level. The workshop is well equipped with self developed full automatic test system for mass production, state-of-art production equipments and test instruments.

Production Market

Currently our international customers are distributed in USA, UK, Germany, Poland, Israel, India, Thailand etc.

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    Tel: +86-28-61070147


    Mobile: +8613551050780
    E-mail: xrsisu@163.com
    Add: No.2 Building Guobin Base, Jinke East Rd, Jinniu District, Chengdu City, China.
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